Hello Team Pen-y-bont,

With the current Coronavirus situation ongoing in many parts of the world and Wales, having confirmed cases we would like to reiterate the following message.

The club is open and will continue to remain open until told to close or deemed necessary to close. We are currently following the Government advice on the prevention of spreading the virus, but we need you all to be vigilant and should you find yourself, or your child, experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND GYMNASTICS.

We will be asking the gymnasts to wash their hands before the session and the coaches will be advised to wash their hands before and after each session.

We have placed up posters to remind people to wash their hands, but please make sure that your gymnast washes their hands after their session thoroughly. We are also taking the extra precaution of cleaning the mats and equipment in the gym at the end of each evening.

Pen-y-Bont Gymnastics is committed to helping with the prevention of Coronavirus and has the children’s safety at the forefront of the current situation.

Additional information is available on the Public Health Wales website www.phw.nhs.wales

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Fantastic Gymnastics Club! You wouldn't find my daughter anywhere else! Lovely, friendly coaches.
Amy Rees
My daughter loves to come to Pen-y-Bont Gymnastics. She has learnt so many skills and loves showing her new moves. Thankyou to all the staff, you are amazing at your job.
Cheryl Barwick
My daughter loves attending gymnastics. I have noticed a big difference in her strength and co-ordination.
Alison Lester
Both Oliver and Ava have loved their early years gymnastics classes. Ava has now moved on to the next level and is loving every minute!
Rhodri Lloyd
My twin boys love their gymnastics class. They look forward to it every week. It's been great for their development, both socially and physically.
Sally Walding